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What is the difference between the Tumo and Hoplite?

  • Hoplite – Back zip
  • Tumo – Front zip

Is Geoprene just a marketing term or does it actually make a difference?

  • Geoprene is the purest form of limestone based neoprene. Click here for more info.

What is the Scipio?

  • Scipio is our top of the line suit that utilizes a newer form of Geoprene, It utilizes BlackZero Geoprene which is unique in that it is a high grade source of Matuse’s hydrasilk that radiates your body’s heat back toward itself. The Scipio comes in front and back zip.

Is the Tumo 4/3 warmer than the Scipio?

  • They are about the same, however the Scipio is much lighter in weight and has a higher top end level of performance.

I am in between sizes, what should I pick?

  • In general you should size up.

 What is the SAR?

  • Search and Rescue suit, glued, blind stitched, developed for Search and Rescue divers