There's been many stories of how the Matuse and Seager collaboration came to be, but today you'll hear how two brands were on a collision course long before they were ever created. 

It all started out west in the land of great promise and hope, San Diego. There, in the heart of the Jewel, was the home to a magical watering hole, a place all cowboys and surfers alike would make a pilgrimage to: Mitch's Surf Shop. This is where both Matuse and Seager had their first beginnings. 

As a young-gun surfer, Mattson would frequent this watering hole where Matt aka Matuse, a burly looking-Viking said to design some of the best wetsuits this side of the Mississippi, worked. Over the years, they came to know each other and showed their respect with the glare in their eyes. Years later, Mattson would introduce him to his close sidekick, Elliott, a bigger than the average man with hair like a horse's main. He was welcomed into the shop and began working alongside Matuse at Mitch's. Mattson and Elliott would tell Matuse stories of another close compadre, who they thought Matuse might be related to, a cowboy named Casey. This posse of three became what we now know as The Seager Boys, aka a nomadic group of ambitious adventurers who live for life on the road.  

One night after a long salty day, this group of four sat down in front of a campfire. They talked at depth about, philosophy, art, and design. They realized their passions were aligned; they valued things that were made well and made from the heart. It was at this moment the Seager boys and Matuse knew their destiny would be forever intertwined in surf lore. Now, a year later, this dynamic pairing shares with you their first collaboration, the Seager X Matuse Dante long-sleeved spring and Neaman Top— two perfect wetsuits for the adventurer in all of us.