TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM
TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM

TUMO 4/3MM, AKA 3/2+ MM

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MODEL: 4/3 mm 


RANGE: 11 - 14C / 51 - 58F

The Ichiban means second to none aka, we only create products we believe in. We will be discounting our recent batch of Tumo 4/3 wetsuits, as they landed too thin for our Matuse QC standards. We are calling this limited-run suit a Tumo 3/2+ For those that need something more than a 3/2 but often find themselves too warm in a 4/3, this will be your new favorite wetsuit.

Please use the code: TUMOPLUS for 30% off the Tumo 4/3, aka 3/2+

Valid while supplies last. 

The Tumo is named after the Buddhist meditation Technique where naked Monks sit in the snow, underneath a wet blanket, and dry-it-out with their own body heat. So jump into the coldest environments. The Tumo wetsuit has you covered even if you don't meditate.

HYDRASILK: Silky smooth, hydrophobic ( i.e. rejects H2O ) material that's your windbreaker in the water. Makes you feel all buttery inside.

SATIN SEAL TAPE: A durable yet flexible SCS tape that provides extra seam durability that is soft and comfortable to your skin. Ichiban infused. 

What is Geoprene Technology? Learn More 

Hydrasilk Pro: Our premium Nylon offering minimizes water adsorption and maintains your suit’s overall shape memory, adding to its longevity. Hydrasilk Pro is buttery-soft located inside and outside of your suit, aka you won't want to take it off.

YKK Aquaseal Zipper: 100% waterproof zipper with snap guard.

Internal farmer john floodgate: Minimizes water entry on zipper opening side.

Satin-Seal Taping: Silky smooth taping applied to the inside seams adds durability to areas of high use.

Oversized Knee Pads: Keep your duck diving knee pressure damage to a minimum with our oversized coverage.

Easy access zippered key pouch: With elastic cord on lower leg / you don't have to take your suit off to access a key or other items stored while surfing. Non-locking enamel coated #3 YKK zipper prevents salt corrosion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alexandre Rangel

The material is really great! Just felt a little tight… do you think after use it for a bit it will loosen a little bit?

Robert Taylor
Love My Tumo

Mature never disappoints!

Mary O’Neill

I previously had a Tumo and have been very happy with it but it is shredded. So, I bought it again online but does not fit so I will be
Returning it today. The legs are very narrow and difficult
To get on and I do not have big calf’s. Did you redesign

Tumo 4/3 AKA 3/2

The 4/3 to get when you really want a 3/2. Excellent suit - warm and flexible.

Aldo Ventura
Warm and protected

Tumo wetsuit is in a level above Dante, which is a great one, and provides good protection for coldness. Maybe the size needs to be more 'equal' to the Dante one, as I used the Dante's as a reference, but it is a bit bigger, so you do not feel the same "globe" effect. However, it is really comfortable for a 4:3. Well done MATUSE!