AFTER USING: It is a good practice to often soak, or wash your suit off with fresh water every week if you are in the ocean more often -- rinse with fresh water, or soak your suit for 5 minutes in clean water to remove salt build up that can get stored in the Nylon. If you see a white powder on the suit after drying that is extruded salt and doesn't damage the suit, simply wipe it clean. Matuse suits are designed to hold less water so you will see this salt extrusion on the suits as the water is held to the outside of Nylon and not inside the fibers. 

DRYING YOUR SUIT: For fullsuits we prefer to hang a wetsuit at the waist, instead of the shoulders. This technique keeps weight off of the shoulders and helps dry your Ichiban faster as you are drying two equal halves of the suit. For tops, a coat style hanger is OK, and if you have a hanger that has a wider arm this will help preserve the material better over time. 

END OF THE SEASON: At the end of the season where you won't be using your suit for longer than 2 months, it is best to do one long fresh water soaking with a wetsuit cleaning liquid. We recommend Gear Aid wetsuit shampoo. After your hour of soaking, be sure that both the outside and inside are completely dry. Once dry you can hang at the waist for storage, or delicately fold the suit into thirds. Laying the suit face down, fold the knees ( at the knee pad ) towards the bottom, now grabbing the knees fold one more time to the back of the shoulders. If you have done this correctly the front of the thigh panel should be looking at you. Lastly, fold the arms over the folded body. You can store the suit like this as long as there isn't any weight added to the top of the suit. Adding weight to the top will cause creases and less insulation over time.