Matuse Business


To ensure retailer success in an expansive information technology environment Matuse has identified the following standards regarding the presentation of Matuse products and the representation of Matuse’s overarching brand image.

On this note, it is critical that the creativity, workmanship, quality, and solution-driven features of our products be represented in the best possible way. In this regard, Matuse’s aim is to effectively team with our retailers to help protect Matuse’s brand image. In doing so, prospective customers will be better motivated to visit dealer locations and inquire about Matuse’s ichiban goods.

As mentioned, Matuse has established specific guidelines and policies for the sales, marketing, advertising, and promotion of its products. Accordingly, Matuse will only engage in business with retailers that observe these Matuse policies. The types of advertising covered by Matuse’s policies include but are not limited to ads and promotions placed in print media, radio, television, catalogs, flyers, mailers, in-store displays and announcements, computer services including any form of advertising on the Internet or computer networks. All questions regarding this policy are to be directed to Matuse’s Sales Manager.


To assist our various retailers, we have established guidelines for suggested prices that retailers may charge for an individual product in Matuse’s current dealer price list. We believe that charging a price lower than the current published MSRP could result in end users developing a negative attitude towards Matuse products. Hence, prices will remain in effect until superseded by a new price listing. Finally, Matuse reserves the right to adjust these prices and policies as market conditions warrant. Any dealer that wishes to place a “sale tag” or advertise a “sale price” on Matuse products must first send written notification and contact a Matuse sales representative before doing so.