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MATERIAL: GEOFLEX (90% water impermeable, typically lasts 2-3 years, 1-year warranty and dries in about 3 hours.)

TEMP RANGE: 54 - 59F / 12 - 15C


Joan of Arc aka d’Arc was a warrior heroine who at the age of 18 became a general for the French army. In this spirit, your d’Arc will conquer any surf session without all the swords and armor.

The d’Arc with Geoflex follows the Matuse mantra of making products Ichiban (the best) by looking forward at developing materials and construction that are built in the most sustainable ways.

Matuse’s Geoflex Limestone Rubber is made with Eco Carbon Black additive that is recycled from post-consumer scrap tires, in combination with water-based adhesives for fabric lamination, instead of conventional solvent-base glues. This helps eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) while maintaining bonding strength aka the durability you expect from Matuse. Additionally, we use a dope-dying yarn to add color before yarn extrusion, skipping traditional dying processes to save on energy and water. Also, all of our trimmed edges when cutting wetsuit patterns are reused to produce more Geoflex sheets to make more Matuse products and minimizes waste.

The d'Arc with Geoflex is fair-trade certified and is the next generation of responsible building that doesn’t sacrifice on the performance you expect.

Geoflex Technology? Learn More 

Hydrasilk: Minimizes water adsorption and maintains your suit’s overall shape memory, adding to its longevity. Hydrasilk is buttery-soft and located inside and outside of your suit, aka you won't want to take it off. 
Butterfly Collar Entry System: Built in all 3MM for mobility and lightness, keeping you toasty warm.
Oversized Knee Pads: Keep your duck diving knee pressure damage to a minimum with our oversized coverage.
• YKK Vislon Zipper: Large #10V size zipper for ease of closure and prevention of salt corrosion.
• Satin-Seal Taping: Silky smooth taping applied to the inside seams adds durability and warmth.
• Easy access external key pouch: With elastic cord on side of hip / you don't have to take your suit off to access a key or other items stored while surfing.
Fair-Trade Certified Construction -
• Water based adhesives:  Used for laminating our Hydrasilk Nylon instead of conventional solvent-based glues and minimizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
• Eco Carbon Black:  A recycled additive from post-consumer scrap tires that improves suit durability.
• Dope-dyeing yarn process:  We add color to our Nylon before yarn extrusion, skipping traditional dying processes to save on energy and water.
• Recycled Trims:  All trim from cutting patterns is reused to create more Geoflex sheets, to build more Matuse suits aka we make no waste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sarah M.
So far it’s great!

I got a 4/3 chest zip d’Arc on a really good sale and found the size 4 was too small but the size 6 fits perfectly. For reference I’m 5’6, 120lbs, slender/athletic build. The suit isn’t as flexible in the shoulders as my previous 4/3 Rip Curl E-Bomb but the Matuse one is much warmer and seems like it will be more durable… the E-Bomb’s neoprene started ripping through in the calves and arm pits after 1.5 years with actual holes, and effectively became a 3/2 suit. For my first surf in the d’Arc, I didn’t get cold at all during a sunny SoCal winter day’s ~1.5 hr session in 57 degree water. Hoping to get a few years out of this one and it was a great deal for the price.

syd Riff
so Warm so Stoked

great insulation, great fit (love the short option), and great vibes

Michaela Rabinov
So this is what a wetsuit is supposed to feel like.

After using the same 4/3 for 5 years, it just wasn't keeping me warm anymore. A friend directed me toward Matuse's sale & I decided it was a sign. Seriously, this wetsuit fits perfectly. I'm 5'9" and around 140-145lbs and I got the 8T. A lot of people told me to size up because they run snug, but they didn't have a 10T so I went with the 8T & other than some normal tightness, it's really not as bad as people made it out to be as far as breaking it in goes. The material is amazing & feels like quality. Plus it's beautiful. Thanks Matuse!

Love it

I had to go up in size to get the proper fit. But I've been in water, solely, wearing this suit, and it has been toasty. Maybe too toasty because the water temp is not that cold yet 😜. Thank you Matuse!

Carla Genova
The Best

Just tried my new wetsuit and its the 4/3 i have had so far. Super stretchy and kept me warm for so long. The best!