FINS: Quad only (Premium Future Fins Included) 

GLASSING: Carbon fiber & epoxy resin

*All boards are custom ordered and shaped by Daniel Jones. After purchase, you will be in direct contact with Daniel throughout the process. 

*Free Shipping US / JAPAN 

*After an order is placed the board can be expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Introducing the Blackbird Carbon Fiber Quad via the handiwork of OG Matuse Family Member Daniel Jones.

70's single fin outline and volume but with a more sensitive rail and a few extra fins. Resin leash loop and a small beak nose. This board paddles very well, which comes in handy on hollow waves, tiny waves, larger waves and crowded days. The 4 fin is arranged to produce a special blend of speed/drive/hold with the right amount looseness and maneuverability for all types of conditions. It likes to do tight turns off the tail, but for larger pumps and for holding onto speed you can ride further up on it.

 Daniel Jones @jonessurfboards