The Matuse Lorica, inspired by the Latin word for body armor, is designed to provide protection in medium to large surfing conditions.

Specifically crafted for surf enthusiasts seeking additional flotation and safety, the Lorica is ideal for situations where paddling and duck-diving are essential.

We recommend using the Lorica in surf conditions under 20 feet, and when used in larger waves, it is more effective when worn under a wetsuit. The Lorica is also popular among stand-up paddle surfers for added safety floatation.

If you choose to wear the Lorica as a stand-alone vest, be sure to use the elastic ribbon short loop and ensure you have a snug fit.

NOTE: Surfing big waves can be dangerous, but you know that. The Lorica is designed to help you push your personal limits safely. Always ensure you can get back to the beach if all your equipment fails aka when in doubt, don’t paddle out.