At Matuse, we prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction by offering convenient options for wetsuit repairs and repurposing through our Remade program. Customers can choose between having their suits repaired for free or at a minimal charge, or they can opt to donate their wetsuits to be repurposed by LavaRubber into various useful products such as changing mats and yoga mats. The Remade program, accessible through a tab on our website, not only provides information on how to participate but also rewards participants with a 25% discount code for their next Matuse purchase.

The repair process at Matuse is straightforward and efficient. For wetsuits less than a year old, repairs are typically free, depending on the type of suit (such as Geoflex or Geoprene). Even for older suits, customers will find the repair fees to be significantly lower compared to purchasing a new wetsuit. Our website features a warranty/repair section where customers can easily submit their repair requests, helping to extend the lifespan of their suits and reduce waste.

When considering what can be repaired versus what cannot, from my vantage point as someone experienced in wetsuit repairs, the spectrum of fixable issues is remarkably broad. Whether it's a zipper malfunction or thinning neoprene, virtually any problem can be addressed. Simple fixes that can be tackled at home include reattaching loose threads, a process as straightforward as carefully singeing the loose end with a flame and then pressing it down onto the suit, thereby seamlessly melding it back into the stitching. Alternatively, applying a dab of glue, nail polish, or neoprene cement can effectively secure loose threads and prevent further unraveling.

Even more significant damages, such as tears caused by collisions with surfboard fins, are within the realm of repairability. In such cases, sending the wetsuit to a professional repair service like ours or exploring other wetsuit repair facilities can restore the garment to its former functionality. Additionally, do-it-yourselfers can embark on repair projects armed with online tutorials and repair kits.

Concerns like thinning knees from extended periods of knee paddling or wear on shoulders and buttocks due to body structure are not impossible obstacles either. Every part of the wetsuit, from head to toe, can be rejuvenated if it shows signs of wear or damage. However, there are instances where repairs may not be feasible or practical. For example, if the wetsuit is on the brink of disintegration, held together only by a few threads, or if the neoprene has deteriorated to the point where it cannot support new patches or panels, repair may not be worthwhile.

The easiest way to determine the viability of repairing a wetsuit is by reaching out to our repair program, particularly if you own a Matuse suit. By contacting us via email, we can assess the condition of your wetsuit and provide guidance on the best course of action to ensure it's swiftly restored to its optimal condition, ready to take on the waves once again.

Based on personal experience and customer feedback, our repair services are known for their exceptional quality and quick turnaround times. Whether it's fixing zippers, repairing fin gashes, restoring velcro, or patching nail rips, our team ensures that each repair is done meticulously. Unlike other brands where repairs can take months to process, customers can expect their suits to be returned within at least a month, if not sooner, alleviating any concerns about downtime without their gear.

Take advantage of our warranty and repair services to prolong the life of your wetsuit while minimizing your environmental impact. With Matuse, you can trust that your gear will be expertly repaired and swiftly returned, allowing you to get back in the water without delay.