-How did you first get into surfing, and what made you fall in love with the sport?

I first got into surfing by watching the movie “soul surfer” and it inspired me. My first wave (at 4 years old) I popped up and I found so much joy and happiness in it- I knew it was the sport I wanted to do!

-Can you share a memorable surfing moment or experience that has stayed with you?

When I was six years old I got my first real short board. When I stood up on it I was hooked. At ten years old I got to surf with Bethany Hamilton and her son. It was unforgettable! She was SO nice!

-Can you describe the key features or qualities you look for when choosing a wetsuit?

 I’m looking for warmth in the early morning.

-Have you noticed any trends or innovations in wetsuit design and technology among Matuse? 

 I’ve noticed how quickly they dry.

-What are you passionate about outside of surfing in depth?

 I am passionate about Jesus and learning all the stories in the Bible. I think He works. Like if you are like him…that means you become kinder, more joyful, more patient. I mean I guess …who wouldn’t want to be like that?!!

-What is your greatest accomplishment and what is your number one goal in life?

My number one goal is to get on the championship tour. I think my greatest accomplishment is working the plan to get better. Listening to my coaches and seeing their advice pay off. When I started competition I lost pretty much all of them. But when I decided to continue to be disciplined and get in the water every single day, I saw things change. My trophy shelves are looking very pretty these days.