Shining the limelight on one of the most promising young talents in both the surfing and skating arenas, team rider Shiloh Page is a force to be reckoned with. Her dynamic presence and exceptional skills make her someone you simply cannot afford to overlook. As an ambassador for Ichiban, Shiloh exemplifies the brand’s spirit and commitment to excellence.

-How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a day of surfing?

Clearing my mind of all thoughts and knowing that God is with me out there. Physically I stretch and work out daily , I skate in between surf sessions. Basically just try to do things that keep my body moving.

-How do you care for and maintain your wetsuits to ensure they last longer and perform well over time?

After every surf session I rinse it completely! Hang it up properly on a hanger (not on the shoulders) then I put a fan on it inside my garage. After comps I use a wetsuit cleaner cause I’m in the water almost an entire day.

-Can you describe the feeling you get when riding a wave?

When I ride - it’s like I’m almost flying…a peaceful feeling.

-What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a surfer?

When I was little (about 6) I took off on a huge wave and got held under….so I kinda had to get over that. Now I just let myself stay calm and let my body relax.

-Are there any specific wetsuit models or lines in Matuse that you particularly enjoy using, and what makes them stand out to you?

Honestly, I just love what MATUSE fits me with. I am excited about some new technology that they have in the works!!! My current wetsuit fits me perfectly. I’ve never felt really good in a wetsuit before this. It’s really soft and super warm.

-How important is the fit of a wetsuit to your surfing experience, and do you find that certain brands offer better fits than others?

The fit matters for your flexibility on the wave. MATUSE nails it.