Every surf mission demands meticulous attention, especially when stealth is paramount. Look no further than the Tactical wetsuit. Originally crafted for Seal Team 6 to minimize thermal registration, this all-black suit operates on the principle of now you see me, now you don't. It seamlessly blends into its surroundings, catching the eye of surfers seeking an understated yet high-performance wetsuit.

The Tactical back zip embodies Matuse’s philosophy of merging art with function, striving to create unparalleled products that not only perform exceptionally but also exude style, even when the approach is invisible. With the introduction of Geoflex technology, Matuse stays true to its commitment to excellence by constantly innovating and embracing sustainable practices. Geoflex Limestone Rubber incorporates Eco Carbon Black additive recycled from post-consumer scrap tires, coupled with water-based adhesives for fabric lamination. This revolutionary approach eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) while ensuring the durability Matuse is renowned for.

To further reduce environmental impact, traditional dyeing processes are eschewed in favor of dope-dyeing yarn, adding color prior to yarn extrusion, thus conserving energy and water resources. Additionally, Matuse minimizes waste by repurposing trimmed edges from wetsuit patterns to create more Geoflex sheets, closing the loop on sustainability. Certified as fair-trade, the Tactical with Geoflex represents the pinnacle of responsible manufacturing without compromising on performance.

Matuse's SAR Spring wetsuit, affectionately known as the "Hoplite G," was born from a collaboration with the US Navy's Search and Rescue Dive Units. Their demand for the warmest and most durable spring wetsuit led to the creation of this masterpiece. Constructed with 100% glued and blind stitched seams, reinforced with Satin Seal Tape, it ensures maximum warmth and durability.

Crafted from Geoprene, this suit boasts automatic 30% greater warmth and lighter weight. Its lining of HydraSilk not only enhances warmth but also provides exceptional durability while maintaining a luxurious, buttery feel against the skin. HydraSilk, with its silky smooth, hydrophobic properties, acts as a water repellent, akin to a built-in windbreaker, enhancing comfort and performance in the water. Satin Seal Tape, infused with Matuse's Ichiban spirit, offers durable yet flexible seam reinforcement, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

In essence, whether it pertains to the cutting-edge technology of the Tactical with Geoflex or the optimal functionality of the SAR Spring wetsuit, Matuse undeniably persists in establishing the pinnacle of superiority within the realm of surfwear. Their relentless dedication to innovation, sustainability, and unwavering performance remains unchallenged, solidifying their position as the unrivaled leader in the industry.


Kiko Urteaga- The best Matuse #1!!!!
JB Kohler- Good, light and warm-My tactical 4.3 is pretty good overall. Geoflex material is well-made, the design provides a balance of flexibility/warmth, feels like it's a 9.5/10 and I plan to buy the spring version next year.
Leo Herbert-Dries really quickly-Surprised how warm and light this wetsuit is, also a bit shocked how fast this wetsuit dries after a long morning surf session. Took about 2 hours to dry and was ready for an afternoon session afterwards. Well made suit.
Cruser-Great Suit-Think this will be my 5th Matuse suit. I thankfully got the right size LT and it fits great and super warm. Used for surfing and kiting. Very happy with the long lasting of your suits. Thanks! Maui HI.
Written by Abrianna