In the realm of mythology, the figure of Apollo looms large as the embodiment of multifaceted talents and divine inspiration. It is said that Dr. Silverstein, upon encountering an image of the god Apollo traversing the sun in his chariot, found the perfect muse for NASA's ambitious space exploration program, aptly named Apollo. Just as the grandeur of Apollo's domains encompassed music, poetry, art, prophecy, archery, and more, so too does our latest addition to the illustrious Matuse wetsuit collection exhibit a versatile prowess that is sure to captivate surfers of all calibers.

Skip McCullough

Enter Apollo, our newest innovation aimed at revolutionizing the chest zip experience for surfers worldwide. Our mission was clear: to engineer a wetsuit that not only accommodates diverse body types but also transforms the mundane task of donning a wetsuit into a seamless and enjoyable endeavor akin to a smooth lunar landing.

The Apollo with Geoflex epitomizes Matuse's unwavering commitment to excellence, guided by the principle of Ichiban, or the pursuit of the best. Embracing a forward-thinking approach, we have meticulously crafted this wetsuit using Geoflex Limestone Rubber, a cutting-edge material that represents the pinnacle of sustainability and performance.

At the heart of Geoflex lies a revolutionary blend of eco-conscious elements, including recycled Eco Carbon Black derived from post-consumer scrap tires, and water-based adhesives for fabric lamination, eschewing conventional solvent-based glues. This not only mitigates the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) but also ensures the durability and resilience that Matuse products are renowned for.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond material selection to encompass every stage of production. By employing dope-dyeing yarn techniques to infuse color prior to yarn extrusion, we significantly reduce both energy consumption and water usage. Additionally, any excess material generated during the cutting process is repurposed to create additional Geoflex sheets, thus minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

In recognition of our dedication to ethical practices, the Apollo with Geoflex proudly bears the distinction of being fair-trade certified, exemplifying a new era of responsible manufacturing that prioritizes environmental stewardship without compromising on performance.

Transitioning from the celestial realm of Apollo to the terrestrial domain, we encounter the formidable figure of Diana, counterpart to the Greek goddess Artemis and patroness of the hunt. In ancient Roman culture, hunting held dual significance as both a means of sustenance and a reverential homage to the natural world. Similarly, for surfers, the pursuit of waves embodies a primal instinct intertwined with a profound reverence for the ocean's majesty.

Introducing Diana with Geoflex, another testament to Matuse's ethos of excellence and sustainability. Mirroring the principles that underpin the Apollo wetsuit, Diana with Geoflex represents the epitome of responsible innovation, seamlessly blending performance with environmental consciousness.

As with its Apollo counterpart, Diana with Geoflex harnesses the power of Geoflex Limestone Rubber, incorporating recycled materials and eco-friendly adhesives to uphold our commitment to sustainability. By adopting advanced manufacturing techniques such as dope-dyeing yarn and repurposing excess materials, we continue to set the standard for eco-conscious design in the wetsuit industry.

 In conclusion, whether you're embarking on a celestial journey with Apollo or navigating the untamed waves with Diana, rest assured that Matuse's commitment to excellence and sustainability will accompany you every step of the way. With our latest innovations, we invite surfers to embrace a new era of conscious performance, where environmental responsibility and uncompromising quality converge to elevate the surfing experience to unprecedented heights.