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AMOR VINCIT is a core tenet of Matuse’s ethos. Since Day One. Through this program, Matuse and its friends* will donate 10% of all monthly sales to a featured nonprofit that is in-line with the brand's core values. We have carefully selected and vetted ethical charitable organizations in the following categories:

  • Military and Veteran Support
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Arts/Design
  • Travel
  • Innovation
All crucial elements to Matuse’s mission.  
Thank you for helping us support these causes. 

Our charity for the month of February is the US Athletic Trust


The U.S. Athletic Trust is dedicated to supporting America's Olympic hopefuls in a sustained and meaningful way. Our ultimate goal is to provide a method of support for all qualified Olympic athletes by encouraging legacy philanthropy. We also encourage the USOC to address athletes' needs with a strong commitment to good governance, transparency, and improved resource allocation. And we advocate broad application of the "Live High, Train Low" technique to dramatically boost American competitiveness in a variety of Olympic sports. We look forward to sharing some very rewarding and exciting moments with you and our athletes.

Want to make a separate donation to The US Athletic Trust?

*Matuse, its shareholders, and its partners 


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All nonprofits submitted must be registered 501(c)(3)s.